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Frequently Asked Questions


What platform do you use?

Wix. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of gorgeous templates and website builders out there like Squarespace and ShowIt, but Wix is the easiest platform for clients to use. I want them to be comfortable so they can confidently make minor updates (if they'd like) once their website launches. Here's more info.

What if there’s a website {or template} created somewhere else that I LOVE?

PIN it for inspiration! Just because it was made using a different platform doesn’t mean we can’t create a similar look in Wix while still making it our own. That’s where my design skills come in handy!

Are you booking new clients?

Now booking for 2022! Schedule a free consultation here.

What’s your process like?

Easy and fun {at least I try to make it that way}! In the beginning, it’s a lot of information collecting on your end; however, this makes for a smoother and faster turnaround. You can view each step of the entire process below.

How long does it take?

Since I only work with a handful of clients at a time, it varies. But to give you an idea, here are my estimated times for each package...

  1. Brand Development: 3-4 wks
  2. Website Design (up to five pages): 5-7 wks
  3. Both Branding & Web Design (up to five pages): 8-10 wks

Please note these are just esimates and may vary depending on your unique project size, goals, and my availability - three things I’ll have a better idea about once we chat.

How does payment work?

Invoices are emailed, and payments can be made online. For larger projects, monthly payment plans are available. I’m happy to work something out on an individual basis as long as everything is paid in full by an agreed timeframe.

Are there additional fees?

Yes, prices do NOT include annual domain and Wix web hosting fees. Those can be found here. I typically make a plan recommendation as we discuss your project. Each Wix plan includes a free domain for the first year so no need to purchase one elsewhere {plus you'll have everything in one spot}.

What do I need to start?

  1. Book your space: If we decide we’re a good fit and are ready to move forward, I will send you a contract and an invoice to complete online, along with a Discovery Session link to book a time on the first day of your project.
  2. Prep your content: An email with a link to an online design questionnaire and detailed instructions on how to prepare and upload content for your website will also be sent over.
  3. Keep tabs on your email: Open lines of communication are oh so important. Please make sure you're not out exploring the Rockies and can get in touch within a few hours if needed {day max}. Especially on the days that feedback is due or when I’m bound to need a security code for a login.

Do you offer support after?

I do! Clients have the choice of deciding whether or not they would like to manage their site once it’s live. I’ll prep you with training videos so you know the basics, and if you don't have the time, I can take back the reins and bill you at my hourly rate.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel?

I get that stuff happens {as a parent, I can relate!}, and I’m willing to reschedule the best I can around my other clients. Keep in mind, they'll have priority for the time booked so I can stay on schedule. Remember, your deposit locks in that time on the calendar, so if you can, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance, and we'll go from there. If it's a reoccurring issue, you'll have to pay a rebooking fee.


STILL have questions?  

I have answers!



No. 1


Nice to meet you! We’ll discuss your project needs, timeline, costs, content, and answer any questions up to 30 minutes on Zoom. If we’re a good fit, grab your calendar, we’ll set a start date. Be sure to complete the Consultation Questionnaire beforehand (see confirmation email).

No. 2


Once we have a start date, I'll email you a contract to sign, an invoice to pay, and a scheduling link for our Discovery Session on Day 1. You can do all three online. This will secure your project on my design calendar. Please be sure to read the contract in full and reach out with ANY questions.

No. 3


STAR this one in your inbox! This email explains what you need to do before we start. It includes a project calendar with deadlines and links to EVERYTHING (the Design Questionnaire, Content Planner, Pinterest Board, and Google Drive).

No. 4


The design questionnaire allows me to learn more about you and your business  for a deeper dive into your project while uncovering your brand. Due 1 WEEK before we start.

No. 5


A shared Pinterest Board will allow us to nail down the design style. I’ll pre-pin some color palettes, fonts, and designs; you tell me what you think in the comments. Also due 1 WEEK before we start.

No. 6


Upload all website copy and images to Google Drive and enter copy, logins, domain info, and keywords into the content planer.  Refer back to the Welcome Email for instructions, and remember to have everything in 2 DAYS before we start.

No. 7


We’ll kick off Day 1 with a Discovery Session (yay)! I’ll learn all about your business. We’ll  make sure your content is ready, map out your navigation, plan SEO, and tackle any questions.

No. 8


I begin designing by creating a mood board using your content for inspiration. This is a collage highlighting your content, color palette, logo, etc., and helps define your brand and brand identity. This will be sent to you via email for approval in WEEK 1.

No. 9


I’ll do my thing and design your project within the agreed time frame pulling in all the elements that are uniquely you -- defining your brand, telling your story, and most importantly, resonating with your audience. Drafts will be emailed and you can provide feedback and edits. Send as many edits on or before the deadline (see project calendar), then we move on to the next phase.

No. 10


During our last week together, the final touches will be made on your website before it goes live. We’ll wrap up with a call to discuss strategy, marketing, and transferring the website over to you. You’ll also get access to additional services if you need help managing your site. PLEASE NOTE: Website transfers occur after all invoices are paid. 

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Kind Words

"Our team worked with Grassroots Creative Company designing and refining our website for our new $2.3 million shelter facility. Melonie was a 'dream' to work with in the conceptual phase and design work. The Board of Trustees as well as our team are so excited about our end product. From persons needing assistance and services to recognition of our donors, the new website design heralds our new facility! Couldn’t be more pleased with the work at a reasonable price."

— Charlotte Rehmert

  • Send you a content planner with clear instructions on how to prepare your text and images and where to upload it.

  • Design an elegant brand and/or website with inspiring words based on your goals, style, and target audience.

  • Strategically place all content to create a meaningful online experience for your clients.

  • Provide one-on-one support and communication during your project.

  • After launch, send custom training videos, so you know exactly how to make updates on your new website.

On my end, I will...

  • Make sure you're ready and the timing is right so we can make this a priority together.

  • Read through the agreement in full and reach out with questions if you have them.

  • Complete the design questionnaire and content planner with detailed responses.

  • Provide all content (images + text) and Pinterest board on time to stay on schedule.

  • Keep tabs on your inbox  for updates, and email any feedback + edits by deadline.

On your end, you will...


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