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Why I Won’t Sell You a Website Template

Updated: Mar 1

Think twice before you buy one.


Disclaimer: No hate toward the designers that do this or the clients they serve, but this something I do not offer in my services. Keep reading to see why…


I WON’T sell you a website template.

Here's why…

When looking for a website designer, you’re looking to get the job done, right?

You need someone to take the reins for you and create something that doesn’t eat away at your precious time working on other important aspects of your business.

Website templates don’t actually get the job done.

They help you to create a design and layout, but there are MANY other factors to consider, including creating or adding:

👉 Website copy

👉 Branding

👉 Correct imagery

👉 Important plugins

I’ve had clients reach out to me after buying a template, only for them to say that it has taken them too much time filling in and reformatting their content. They still have trouble updating templates and are typically burnt out with everything else.

It’s a lot to take on, even with a template, unless you have a computer background.

If you are tech savvy and have the time, by all means go for it.

But a majority of people reaching out aren't. Plus, it still takes learning a new system and having an overall marketing strategy to make it work. One size does NOT fit all in these cases, and you need something that will best serve your clients and your goals.

Some may say that they equip their clients with training videos and resources...

to go along with a template, but I still go back to time on this. Pouring hours into watching videos or enrolling in an online course isn't something most new business owners are down for.

They really aren't that helpful.

So, you see, it really hasn’t helped anyone, and I like to go above and beyond for my clients.

I wouldn’t be helping very much if I just sold you a template and said, “here you go” only for you to come back to me for more help. That could get expensive AND it's why you need an expert to handle the whole project in the first place.

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Melonie ‘Mel’ Mottice, M.S. is the owner and designer behind Grassroots Creative Company, a Wix Website Design and Branding Studio for women supporting women. A computer nerd at heart, Mel started designing on her Packard Bell computer at 11. That passion led her to study web design and writing in undergrad and earn her master’s in marketing and communication. After working a 9-5 for 12+ years, she opened Grassroots Creative Company in 2018. Today she works exclusively with other female movers and shakers struggling to get their businesses online, all from her judgment-free studio outside Cleveland, Ohio. The Grassroots design process is manageable, fun, and easy, consisting of genuine one-on-one partnerships built on kindness, respect, understanding, and accountability.


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