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Stop Using Linking Tools on IG

Important reminder: STOP using LinkTree or other linking tools

It’s not helping you.

When using these tools, you aren’t promoting yourself. You’re promoting THEM. Know that you have more options here. You can choose an alternative route that helps YOU and only promotes you.

And, the look of the linking tools is pretty limited...

I would love them if they allowed for more customization than could fully match your brand. Now that would be a different story!

So what if I told you that there’s a much better way to have a mini webpage as a link in your Instagram bio? Something that only promotes YOU.

Yes, Mel, keep talking…

Instead, add a web links page from your website that promotes YOU. Take my link page here as an example (check it out!).

This is something I’ve created that has links to all the relevant pages on my website, it’s consistent with my branding and has no mention of any third-party sites, AND it’s easy to do!

It’s mobile-friendly AND a win, win!✨

Interested in how to get this up and running on your Instagram?

Send me a message. I’ll send you a custom quote. 💬 📩


Melonie ‘Mel’ Mottice, M.S. is the owner and designer behind Grassroots Creative Company, a Wix Website Design and Branding Studio for women supporting women. A computer nerd at heart, Mel started designing on her Packard Bell computer at 11. That passion led her to study web design and writing in undergrad and earn her master’s in marketing and communication. After working a 9-5 for 12+ years, she opened Grassroots Creative Company in 2018. Today she works exclusively with other female movers and shakers struggling to get their businesses online, all from her judgment-free studio outside Cleveland, Ohio. The Grassroots design process is manageable, fun, and easy, consisting of genuine one-on-one partnerships built on kindness, respect, understanding, and accountability.


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