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Read This if You Need a Website

Updated: Mar 1

Hi, hi there, hello, hey! Are you doing okay, hanging on, or just feeling meh? At a crossroads in business, or maybe life in general?

We’ve all been overwhelmed lately 🤯.... annd I just want to check-in.

I’m totally there with you.

I know that I’ve felt the weight of the last few years.

The feeling of becoming overpowered with everything that’s going on. And I’m going, to be honest, some days are SO hard. While I’m grateful that I can work from home, it brings a whole new set of challenges to the table…

Can you relate?

I’ve heard this scenario from a few of my clients, who feel the same.

I was on a call with a client recently, and she left her corporate job to pursue her own business {you go btw} and wasn’t sure where to start, plus the weight of everything takes a toll.

You’re not alone.

She needed a website that could convert FAST.

She didn’t have a huge budget but wanted a site that could impact and reach her audience, supporting a quick and easy decision to buy her services while showcasing everything she does. A starter site, more or less, something she can always expand on in the future that will grow with her.

It’s okay.

This was when I suggested a long-scroll website.

It’s a one-page website broken into sections instead of pages with most of the content on the homepage. Your navigation links to these different sections your audience can scroll down through, making it very mobile-friendly.

It checks ALL the boxes.

✔️ Affordable

✔️ Launches fast

✔️ All info on one page

✔️ Scroll-stopping

✔️ Mobile friendly

I hope this helps someone today, especially if you are struggling to get online ❤️

A lot of people don't know about long-scroll websites. They are a really great option if you need something fast and for those just starting out. As always, I'm here to help if you have questions or need someone to design a long-scroll for you, I'd love to chat. Schedule consultation here >> 💬


Melonie ‘Mel’ Mottice, M.S. is the owner and designer behind Grassroots Creative Company, a Wix Website Design and Branding Studio for women supporting women. A computer nerd at heart, Mel started designing on her Packard Bell computer at 11. That passion led her to study web design and writing in undergrad and earn her master’s in marketing and communication. After working a 9-5 for 12+ years, she opened Grassroots Creative Company in 2018. Today she works exclusively with other female movers and shakers struggling to get their businesses online, all from her judgment-free studio outside Cleveland, Ohio. The Grassroots design process is manageable, fun, and easy, consisting of genuine one-on-one partnerships built on kindness, respect, understanding, and accountability.


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