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How to Start Ranking on Google

Updated: Jan 18

Beyond your Google Business Profile

Congratulations, your website just launched! Aside from creating a Google Business Profile, what else you can do to start ranking on Google?

I hear you. That’s why I’m here to help!

Here are four tips that you can implement right away to get your business listed on Google and other major search engines. 👇

  1. Content - Provide valuable content on each page and include keywords. Keep updating your content, so Google knows that you’re a website that keeps up to date and provides useful content for your audience.

  2. Start Small - Use a lot of keywords that target local people/businesses; even if you’re trying to attract an international market, try to target a specific area, so your rankability increases for your location of choice.

  3. Heading and Content Structure - This is a really important factor as this is part of the communication between the website and Google. Meaning, it’s SO important that the correct tags are set in your web content for headings. Title tags and meta descriptions are also a MUST.

  4. Image Keywords - Add keywords to all images to increase the relativity of your website and rankability on Google. This is also known as alt text. Every image should have a SEO-friendly alt text to describe what it is. If an image fails to load on your site, these will be in its place and allow your site to keep indexing. The more it’s crawled/indexed by Google, the better you’ll rank.


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Melonie ‘Mel’ Mottice, M.S. is the owner and designer behind Grassroots Creative Company, a Wix Website Design and Branding Studio for women supporting women. A computer nerd at heart, Mel started designing on her Packard Bell computer at 11. That passion led her to study web design and writing in undergrad and earn her master’s in marketing and communication. After working a 9-5 for 12+ years, she opened Grassroots Creative Company in 2018. Today she works exclusively with other female movers and shakers struggling to get their businesses online, all from her judgment-free studio outside Cleveland, Ohio. The Grassroots design process is manageable, fun, and easy, consisting of genuine one-on-one partnerships built on kindness, respect, understanding, and accountability.


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